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  • Tonsils / Adenoids

    Tonsil Infections

    Acute Tonsillitis
    Peritonsillitis (Quinsy)
    • Acute tonsillitis is a common condition seen and if complicated, a peritonsillitis can result which may lead to a peritonsillitis abscess (Quinsy). This would require surgical drainage in addition to intensive medical therapy.
    • Hypertrophic tonsils are common causes of upper airway obstruction causing sleep apnea and snoring.
    Tonsil Obstruction
  • Tonsiller Enlargement causing Upper Airway Obstruction & Snoring
    • Obstructive Tonsillar Lesion.
    • Adenotonsiller hyperplasia is a common cause for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea in children.
    • This can be resolved easily by an adenotonsillectomy.
  • Adenoidal Hypertrophy / Infections

    Adenoidal Enlargement
    Adenoidal Hyoertrophy seen on lateral neck X-ray
    • Adenoidal hypertrophy and obstruction is a common cause for snoring, sleep apnea syndrome and ‘glue’ ears.
  • The Peak / Coblation Tonsillectomy

    PEAK Tonsillectomy
    (Video credits Humedical)
    • Tonsillectomy used to be done by unipolar, or bipolar diathermy.
    • Even a LASER has been used.
    • But these techniques are performed at high temperatures causing excessive pain & swelling post operatively.
    • With PEAK tonsillectomy, the temperatures used are much lower leading to less collateral damage.
    • Hence post operative pain is less.
    • The COBLATOR Tonsillectomy is another alternative technique to minimalise co-lateral damage and post-operative pain.

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