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  • Head & Neck Surgery

    • Patients with Head and Neck Cancer present with lumps in the neck as nodal metastasis or ulcers in oral cavity, oropharynx and hypopharynx. A complete ENT / Head and Neck examination including a nasophargryo-larygoscopy is mandatory for all cervical neck lumps.
  • Tongue Surgery

    Tongue Cancer (Early Stages)
    • Cancers of the tongue present as non healing ulcers.
    • The most common site is the lateral border of the tongue.
    • These are best treated by radical tumor resection of the primary site and a staging or therapeutic neck dissection, and at advanced stage, a combination of radiotherapy and surgery.
    • If the defect is larger, reconstructive surgery is necessary be it a free flap or pedicled skin or myo-cutaneous flap.
    Multi Disciplinary Approach Major Head & Neck Surgery
  • Branchial Cyst

    Total excision of branchial cyst
    • A Branchial Cyst is a benign cyst lesion that presents in adult life as a soft tissue mass at the angle of jaw.
    • Surgery is the only option to totally excise the lesion.
    • If left alone, it can be infected leading to an abscess.
    Parotid Specimen with superficial and tumor mass

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