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    Sinusitis Articles:

    • Better and faster method to clear sinus problem
      Sinus sufferers can now opt for a new method which reduces their typical hospital stay from 4 days to half a day. FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) also does away with major cuts on the face. It makes use of a thin tube (endoscope) to remove the nose blockage, by inserting the endoscope into the nose. The scope has a light source and camera, and gives a clear view of the nasal cavities. Dr Ralph Stanley of SGH points out that this minimally invasive method also boasts of faster recovery. (Dec 30, 1992 - The Straits Times)
    • Much better, say most patients after new sinus surgery
      Specialists from SGH's ENT Dept reported that 8 out of 10 patients who have undergone the new procedure FESS have improved their condition significantly. They were speaking at a seminar on nose and sinus diseases yesterday. Dr Ralph Stanley, head of SGH's ENT Department, highlights the fact that the procedures is minimally invasive. It does not lead to facial scarring or swelling, unlike the traditional method, which involves making incisions on the face. (1st March, 1993 - Straits Times)
    • 耳鼻喉医学领域成就突破 鼻窦炎手术不必割脸了 原先需要割脸或割牙床才能进行的鼻窦炎手术现在已能直接由鼻孔内施行,即可当天出院。这是耳鼻喉医学在九十年代最突破性的进跃。由鼻孔内施行手术不留疤痕,成效也很好,但此类手术必须由技术精确,富有临床经验的医生实施。 (30 December, 1992 - 联合晚报)
  • Nose Cancer Articles:

    • SGH offers screening for nose cancer
      The first screening programme for nose cancer is now available in Singapore at the Health Screening Centre of SGH. Dr Ralph Stanley, head and senior consultant, explained that the screening will cost $200. There will be an examination by a specialist, an endoscopy, a blood test and counselling. During the endoscopy, a tube-like instrument will be inserted through the nose to examine the nasopharynx (cavity at the back of the nose). The blood test will determine the presence of antibodies which are strongly associated with nose cancer. Dr Stanley recommends the screening for the high-risk group - Chinese men over 30 years of age. ( March 07, 1994 - The Straits Times)
    • 华族较易患鼻咽癌可能性比他族高一至两倍
      据新加坡癌症注册处1983年至87年资料显示,男性华人患鼻癌的可能性比非华人高出一到两倍,尤其是广东籍人士。在该年主办的“治疗鼻咽癌新发展”研讨会,发布了每年约300鼻咽癌病例中,初期患者若接受治疗,五年内不复发的机会高达70%。施登礼向本地报界透入本地鼻咽癌患者的倾向。 (7 March, 1994 - 联合早报)
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  • Journals

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