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  • Sinusitis Management

    Preliminary Examination
    • Sinusitis is a common condition.
    • It is usually under-diagnosed in adults and children.
    • Accurate diagnosis depends on an accurate history, naso endoscopic examination and when necessary, a CT scan of the sinuses.
  • Endoscopy - Flexible
    Endoscopy - Rigid
    • A preliminary examination is done and a local anaesthetic spray is applied to the nasal cavity.
    • A videoscope naso endoscopic examination can be done with a flexible naso endoscope with live video screening so that the patients can visualise the condition themselves. A new video-scope with higher definition images are now used for diagnostic purposes.
    • A rigid naso endoscopic examination can also be performed for diagnosis and therapy.
  • Types of Sinusitis Treatment

    Dental Cause

    Dental cause for sinusitis
    Infected mal-positioned dental implant causing maxillary sinusitis.
    • This patient has sinusitis from infected dental implants in the floor of the maxillary sinuses.
    • Treatment is directed at the removal of implants and clearance and drainage of the sinuses.
  • Dental Sinusitis – Apical Tooth Infection
    • Sinusitis from an infected root of a molar tooth eroding into the maxillary antrum.
    • The affected tooth has to be removed and the sinuses drained and medically treated.
  • Frontal Sinus Mucocele

    Frontal Sinus Mucocele
    Frontal Sinus Mucocele on CT Scan
    • This is the result of obstruction of the frontal sinus outflow tract resulting in backup of secretions and expansion of the frontal sinus walls.
    • The mucocele has eroded into the orbit causing eye complications i.e. proptosis.
    • An external procedure is warranted here to drain the frontal sinus.
  • Fungal Maxillary Sinusitis

    Fungal Maxillary Sinusitis with Radiological Concretions – Charcot-Leylum Crystals
    • CT Scans of the sinuses can demonstrate radiological calcifications from Charcot-Leyden crystals seen as calcifications in the sinus cavity.
    • In this instance, surgical intervention is mandatory as medical treatment will not clear the fungal ball in the sinuses.
    • Medical treatment alone will not clear fungal ball sinusitis.
    • An Endoscopic Sinus procedure is the treatment of choice.
  • Fungal Sphenoid Sinusitis

    Fungal Sphenoid Sinusitis
    • Another fungal ball with calcification in the left sphenoid sinus.
    • An endoscopic sphenoidectomy is necessary.

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