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  • Paediatric ENT

    Oropharyngeal Examination
    • Children form a major patient component of Dr Stanley's clinical practice.
    • Dr Stanley and staff are experienced in dealing with young patients, putting them at ease and co-operative for a thorough nose and ear examination.
    • Flexible video-nasoendoscopy is performed on children four(4) years and older. It is an excellent and essential diagnostic tool.
    • A video nasoendoscopic examination is essential to accurately diagnose sinusitis, adenoidal hypertrophy and suspected foreign bodies in the nose.
  • Paediatric Nasoendoscopy in the Clinic
    Microscopic Ear Examination
    • We are also now seeing a rising prevalence of allergy-related diseases in children.
    • To investigate nasal allergies, Skin Prick Test (SPT) can easily and painlessly be performed in the clinic.
    • A blood test for the measurement of lgE bodies to specific allergens is an alternative.
    • Food allergy tests are also available when indicated.
    • 'Glue' ears are commonly encountered in children and this can be diagnosed by an endoscopic or microscopic examination of the ears or on tympanometry.
  • Types of Paediatric ENT Conditions

    Endoscopic view of Adenoids
    Lateral nasopharyngeal x-ray showing obstructive adenoids
    • Endoscopic view and lateral nasopharyngeal x-ray view showing obstructive adenoids.
  • Adenoidal Hyperplasia Obstructing Upper Airway with associated sinusitis
    Enlarged adenoids associated with sinusitis
    • Enlarged obstructive adenoids may usually be associated with chronic sinusitis as the CT scan shows.
    Adenoidal Hyperplasia Obstructing Upper Awwy with associated sinus
  • Adenoidal Hyperplasia Obstructing Upper Airway with associated sinusitis
    Tonsiller Hyperplasia causing upper airway obstruction
    • This patient had a adenotonsillar hypertrophy causing snoring and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.
    • Surgery is indicated to clear the upper air way obstruction.
    Tonsiller Enlargement causing Upper Airway Obstruction & Snoring

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